Bittermens House Gin and Tonic

Aug 19, 2012 | | Say something
Bittermens House Gin and Tonic
Recipe Type: Long Drink
Author: Avery Glasser
The way prefer to make our Gin and Tonic at Bittermens
  • 1.5 oz London Dry Gin
  • .75 oz Bittermens Commonwealth
  • 1 barspoon Maraschino Liqueur
  • 12 drops Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit Bitters
  • 4 oz Club Soda
  • Garnish
  • Wide grapefruit peel
  1. Combine the gin, Commonwealth, maraschino and bitters in a long glass. Add ice and top with the club soda. Express the twist and place in the glass. Garnish with a few more drops of bitters if you choose.


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