Amor y Amargo

Case Study: Amor y Amargo
Concept: Bitters Tasting Room and General Store
Location: East Village, NYC
Launched: March 21, 2011
Participation Ended: June 30, 2012 

In February 2011, Bittermens was approached by DeRossi Global, a group that owns a number of bars and restaurants in New York City, to come up with concepts for a vacant 13 seat space in Manhattan’s East Village. This space had been occupied by a Cuban sandwich shop until late 2010, but closed when they opened a bar in the adjoining space that made the shop redundant.

We initially proposed the concept of converting the small space into a cocktail supply shop – selling barware that is actually used by professional bartenders as well as books and cocktail bitters. When we were informed that the space held a liquor license, we converted the idea to include a bitters tasting room – a cocktail bar focusing on bitter cocktails made with a selection of over 50 amari and other aperitif and digestif liqueurs. We approached long time friend and vermouth maker Mayur Subbarao to make a custom amber and sweet vermouths, the latter being served on tap.

Within the first 9 months of operations, the bar and shop received a significant amount of positive press:

Bittermens created the initial concept and partnered with DeRossi to realize the project. Bittermens provided general management services for the bar and store until October 2011. Bittermens’ Avery Glasser provided services as the consulting beverage director and bartender until June 2012. Bittermens is no longer involved in Amor y Amargo.