For the Media

It is Bittermens’ philosophy not to actively solicit reviews or pieces in the press. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but for us, seeing a piece that we “placed” or a review that we provided free samples for just feels a little insincere. Of course, if you want to write something about Bittermens, that’s fantastic and we’ll give you access to all of the information you could want (aside from our formulas)!

There are a few little things that we’d like people to know about Bittermens, especially if you’re planning on writing something about us…

Avery and Janet Glasser started making bitters in 2007. Since 2017, we’ve been a Delaware LLC. We started making the Xocolatl Mole bitters while living in San Francisco, created the Hopped Grapefruit and Tiki while living in New York City, and formulated the Boston Bittahs when we moved to Boston.

Our first bottles were made available for sale in 2009 through a partnership with The Bitter Truth of Germany. This relationship ended in July, 2010. All of our bitters and extracts are packaged in cobalt blue bottles with dropper tops.

Our bitters are non-beverage alcohol, which means that the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau certified our products as food products, not alcoholic beverages. As food products, they can be sold in grocery stores or purchased on the Internet and shipped to any state in the US just like vanilla extract.

Bittermens started production in Somerville, MA at a commercial kitchen that we leased from Taza Chocolate, where we produced everything by hand. In January 2011, production moved to Brooklyn, NY, and in February 2013 we relocated to New Orleans, LA.

We are Bittermens, not Bittermans, Bittermen’s or Bitterman’s. If you need to make our company name into a possessive, it’s Bittermens’, not Bittermen’s. Bittermens’s is also grammatically correct, but it looks really weird. We don’t know why we’re so obsessive about the correct use of the possessive – it probably stems from a stint on our college newspaper. Did we just break out in rhyme there?