Peppercake Bitters

Peppercake Gingerbread Bitters

We love gingerbread. Well, to be specific, we love the the sort of ginger cookies that we used to get at the Christmas markets in cities throughout Germany and Northern Europe. In Norway, these ginger cookies were called pepperkaker… or pepper cakes.

Of course, nothing can beat having access to fresh ginger juice when you’re making a cocktail – but it isn’t something that most people have laying around their kitchen, and if you do make ginger juice, it starts to lose its flavor almost immediately. By using a combination of dried gingers (including the legendary China No. 1 Dried Ginger) and alcohol, we’ve been able to create a shelf-stable ginger bitter that can bring that bite to warming winter cocktails – especially those made with rum and bourbon.

This flavor was originally created at the request of the bartending team at Craigie on Main in Cambridge, MA.

Please note: the Peppercake Gingerbread Bitters are no longer being produced.

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