Bittermens Corporate




Federally registered manufacturer of Nonbeverage Alcohol Products

Family owned business – 100% owned and operated by Janet and Avery Glasser

Bittermens, Inc. is a Delaware S-Corp.

Produces the Bittermens line of cocktail bitters and flavorings. Additional services include:

  • Custom bitters and flavoring extracts
  • Bar Consulting (e.g.: Amor y Amargo)

DALA Spirits is Bittermens Spirits’ line of Nordic-inspired products.

All DALA Spirits products are currently produced at our facilities in Mosfellsbær, Iceland.

The first DALA Spirits product was Bäska Snaps, released in late 2012 in Europe and 2013 in the US. Bäska Snaps is a Swedish-style bitter schnapps flavored with wormwood, caraway, licorice, citrus and other botanicals. Solståndet malted aquavit and Salmiakki Dala, a salted licorice bitter liqueur..

DALA Spirits is a Bittermens Spirits brand.




Producer of seven beverage alcohol products in partnership with Five and 20 Distillery in upstate New York.

Owned by Janet and Avery Glasser.

Bittermens Spirits, Inc. is a Wyoming S-Corp.

Formulator of all natural shelf stable syrups for cocktails and other beverage applications


Speed Craft is a brand of Bittermens, Inc.