How to buy Bittermens® Bitters

Bittermens products are all non-potable, which means they can be shipped to any state in the USA and to most countries around the world.

Bittermens at Liquorworld, Cambridge (MA)

Image Courtesy Liquor World – Cambridge, MA

You can purchase Bittermens at a growing number of retail and online stores, including:

Online – USA

AwesomeDrinks (Ships from New Hampshire)

The Boston Shaker (Ships from Somerville, MA)

Bitters and Bottles (Ships from the Bay Area, CA) (Ships from Seattle)

Hi-Time Wine Cellars (Ships from Costa Mesa, CA)

The Hour (Ships from Alexandria, VA)

The Jug Shop (Ships from San Francisco)

K & L Wines (Ships from California)

KegWorks (Ships from NY)

The Meadow (Ships from Portland, OR)

Napa Valley Distillery & Vintage Barshop (Ships from Napa, CA)

Pearl Specialty (Ships from Portland, OR)


Online – Worldwide
(Ships from Germany) – ships worldwide

Drinksology (Ships from Belfast) – ships worldwide

Nicks Wine Merchants (Ships from Australia) – ships worldwide

The Whisky Exchange (Ships from London) – ships worldwide

La Maison du Whisky / (Ships from Paris) – ships throughout Europe

Bottlebusiness (Ships from Rijswijk, The Netherlands) – ships throughout the Netherlands and Belgium

Only Bitters (Ships from Australia-NZ) – ships throughout Australia & New Zealand

Alambika (Ships from Montreal, Canada)

The Crafty Bartender (Ships from Toronto, Canada)