About Us

Bitters are making their mark on the cocktail scene. In cities like New York, Boston and San Francisco, cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders are rediscovering long lost recipes and coming up with new signature flavors which help create the palate of the New American Cocktail.

While living in San Francisco in early 2007, Avery and Janet Glasser used high proof spirit and a variety of herbs, peels and spices to create an extract of a traditional Mexican cooking sauce. This extract became the prototype recipe for the Xocolatl Mole Bitters.

The summer of 2010 marked a dramatic rebirth for Bittermens: winding down previous licensing agreements, striking new partnerships, developing new products and most importantly, leasing a commercial kitchen. Today, Bittermens products can be found on almost every continent – we’re still working on Antarctica.

Bittermens also consults with bars and restaurants looking to develop signature in-house formulations.

Team Bittermens

Avery Glasser – Co-Founder and Mad Scientist
A backseat bartender and general flavor junkie, Avery focuses on creating the Bittermens formulations. When he’s not dreaming up new flavors, he’s working with bartenders on cocktail recipes…. occasionally while wearing a fez. Default Spirit: Anything brown and boozy.
Janet Glasser – Co-Founder and Business Brainiac
With more time as a cocktail consumer than the average corporate mogul, Janet is truly the brains behind the business side of Bittermens. As COO, she drives the operational aspects of Bittermens ranging from production scheduling to accounting to press and marketing. Default Spirit: Gin!


Bittermens, Inc.

Bittermens LLC. was formed to promote a positive cocktail culture and initially to bring the Bittermens® Bitters to market. Bittermens LLC. is a Delaware LLC. Bittermens is a registered trademark of Bittermens LLC.